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Future of Automation in Oman

Like other progressive Arab countries, Oman is also stepping strongly in the field of automation. In the past years, the country has taken various positive steps to make the industrialization smart, effective and upgraded to meet the standard of the modern countries.

The E-Oman 2030 vision aims to building a strong foundation to benefit from the digitalization and technology changes driven by the 4th industrial revolution. This vision is mainly planned to achieve through the utilization of Artificial Intelligence, that will help doing industrial tasks more accurately within a short period of time. AI could help Oman digitizing its factories, hospitals, offices, government and other institutes.

In short, the E-Oman 2030 vision has a goal to prepare community, manpower, business and the government on the impacts of automation and digitalization.

What are the main goals of e-Oman 2030?

Increase IT sector share

Oman is willing to bring a boom in the IT sector by bringing automation and computer systems in most of its domains such as government, private sector, education, factories etc.

Digitizing all public services

Digitizing public services means bringing automated technology to the public sector such as transport, banking system, education etc.

Top 20 countries in eTransformation

Oman has a strong goal in transforming its old and outdated lifestyle to the advance and new age using eTransformation. The vision is to enlist Oman into the top 20 successful countries in eTransformation.

Creating Digital Technology jobs

Information Technology has brought millions of new jobs in the market. Freelancing, e-commerce, internet of things and other technological fields are opening new job opportunities for the Oman citizens.

Man, women every aged person can benefit themselves with new job facilities with the growth of technology in Oman.

Indexing at top 10 in Cyber Security

Automation is vulnerable without an end to end security. Field of cyber security has a huge demand in today’s world and for that reason Oman is working to make their country one of the top 10 best cyber security service provider in the world.

What is the Future of Automation in Oman?

Automation has a huge demand in Oman in coming years. With the growth of industrialization and workload, Oman is keen in shifting its manual and human workforce into the new and advance automatic system to make the bigger tasks done efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the ways through which Oman is about to automate its industry. Ai can help bringing opportunities for innovation and tapping into global value chains.

Automation led by AI can help Oman revolutionizing their production industries, police, education, health, government, media and other domains. If Oman succeed in its automation vision, then there’s no doubt it is going to become of the fasting progressing countries in Asia and somebody in the world in terms of production, efficiency, economics and technology.