Power & Energy

Power & Energy

In order to strengthen energy management and monitoring, Advantech offers high quality energy monitor and solution-ready products for the Power and Energy Automatic Management applications. There are three categories of products: Energy Computers, Energy Controllers and Energy Data Acquisition modules. All the components fulfill the highest demands for harshest environments of the Power Industry and most of our core products are complaint with IEC 61850-3 certification which is required for Powe

Product Categories


Rackmountable Fanless Box PCs (ECU-4000 Series)

For grid and substation automation, Advantech has developed rack mounted fanless box PCs used with data gateway and computing platform devices. The ECU-4000 series feature a...


Intelligent Communication Gateways

Advantech Intelligent Communication Gateways are ARM-based with robust platform, wireless and Ethernet communication, and multiple protocol support.


Intelligent RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) : ADAM-3600

The ADAM-3600 is a new series of wireless ADAM models which leverage IoT technology for RTU applications. They not only have high environmental adaptability, to work in, far and...


Smart Meters ( WISE-M500 Series )

WISE-M500 series power meters are easy to use, cost effective smart meters, that provide high accuracy measurement, display and communication (Modbus/RTU) for energy monitoring...