Save Energy Consumption with VFD

VFD – stands for Variable Frequency Drive, is a type of motor controller which energies an electric motor by changing the voltage and frequency of the power supply. It has also the capacity to control increase or decrease of the motor during start and stop. Muscat Automation- a one stop solution for all your needs related to VFD Oman, one of the best in the Oman country.

Reasons why we may want to adjust this motor speed

For example –

  • To improve the working environment
  • To lower the noise levels, say from fans and pumps
  • To match the speed of the drive to the process required
  • To save energy as well as improve system efficiency
  • To convert power in hybridization applications
  • To match the power of a drive to the process required
  • To reduce mechanical stress on machines to extend lifetime

Moreover, in today’s scenario, drives incorporate networking and diagnostic capabilities to better enhance the control performance and surge productivity.

Reasons to choose a VFD as the controller in every motor-driven system are –

  • Energy savings
  • Intelligent motor control
  • Reduction of peak-current drawn

The common uses of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) are for control of the following-

  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Compressors

 These applications account for 75% of all drives operating across the globe.

Also, less sophisticated types of motor controllers are – soft starters as well as across-the-line contactors.

Besides, a soft starter is a solid-state device which provides a gentle increase to full speed during start-up of an electric motor, while, an across-the-line contactor is a type of motor controller that put on the full line voltage to an electric motor.

Types of VFDs

Across the world, there are many different types of drives available as these drives are widely used in industry. In addition, the Single-phase VFDs and the three-phase VFDs are usually used which suit a wide ranges of applications. However, the differences in drive types says the way of methods used for voltage control and frequency.

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Main Advantage of Using a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

The main advantages of VFDs is that, it can differ the power supplied to match the energy requirement of the equipment which are is being used, and in this way, it can save energy or optimizes energy consumption during the process.

The VFD can reduce energy consumption – when compared to direct-on-line (DOL) operation, where the motor runs at full speed regardless of the demand.  Apart from that, using a drive, power or fuel savings of approx. 40% consumption are very common.

Also, one of the effect that called – the roll-on effect means that use of drives also the lessens CO2 footprint as well as NOx emissions of the systems in which the drives installed. Call our consultant now! Or Reach us at for all your needs related to Data acquisition Oman. We are best in business in Oman and Middle east countries.