Embedded modules oman

The world's most advanced, scalable and efficient Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) system is introduced in SWaP-optimized embedded modules. Integrate embedded modules Oman into products to integrate UAVs, UGVs and sensors into networks. Embedded modules include HD video encoders and Android™ computers, eliminating redundant equipment from the platform.

Cooperative behaviour

Since the embedded module is an Android™ computer, the unattended system has its own will. Program the system to navigate to position autonomously using real-time PLI data from all nodes to avoid formation and collisions. Processing sensor data at the source to transfer knowledge rather than raw data streams and using embedded modules Oman as a sensor input to guide machine decision-making without human input. For the future of unmanned systems.

Turn your system into a network

The integration of embedded modules into unattended systems and sensors turns them into network assets. Each system extends the MANET with built-in wave relay modules to allow users to access services (such as video and sensor data) from anywhere on any node. Additionally, disparate systems and sensors from multiple manufacturers will be able to communicate over a common network, allowing products to perform better.

Embedded Module Development Kit

Embedded Module Oman Development Kit includes embedded module, starter cable assembly, board-to-board cable, external radio mounting tray and design documentation (ICD, CAD, STEP file). production. Experiment with different integration options to see what works best for you and your product.