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Belden Oman designs manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of cabling, connectivity and networking products for signal transmission in data, voice and video applications. Belden's extremely distinguished high-performance products can be found in a variation of markets including industrial, enterprise, broadcast, transportation, energy and consumer electronics.

As experts, we know that manufacturers are facing increasing challenges and customer expectations in these fast-paced and complex times. We are dedicated to guiding you towards smarter manufacturing and better business results. Find out how our customized solutions have helped manufacturers around the world:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Be agile and flexible
  • Improve safety and security

Smart manufacturing for better business results

Belden will be your partner of choice to help you achieve better business results, design and sustain a future-proof smart manufacturing network and create a customized Industry 4.0 roadmap. See how our network solutions can help you achieve better results.

Customised solutions for different projects

Belden Oman offers a comprehensive line of signal transmission, data communication networks and power supplies designed for a variety of applications. Constantly changing project scopes, deadlines, budgets and requirements require strategic and flexible solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each project. Belden offers customized solutions for:

  • Trying to set up multiple sites
  • Stadium
  • Business expansion
  • Storage place
  • Information Center

Belden manufactures copper and fibre cable and connectivity products that power information technology systems such as voice, data, fire, A/V and physical security systems. We also offer a significant portfolio of products for signal transmission, data communication networks and device power, designed for many applications in industrial automation and machine building.

Whether you're connecting devices to controllers, connecting controllers to control rooms, transferring data between control rooms, engineering departments and remote manufacturing sites, or all of the above, Belden Oman has the products you need to seamlessly connect your devices.



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