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Advantech routing technology allows users to easily establish connectivity between isolated networks, giving greater flexibility for building secure applications. The involved technologies include VPNs, which provide secure remote access for users; network address translation (NAT), which hides users’ web servers behind our router with destination NAT; network-based firewalls, which secure infrastructure. All of them can be used to create application tiers on different isolated networks by lever

Product Categories


Modular 3G Routers

Interface modular UMTS/HSPA+ router line operating in the cellular network providing Ethernet 10/100, serial, I/O ports, and WIFI for connection.


Modular 4G Routers

Interface modular LTE router line operating in the cellular network providing Ethernet 10/100, serial, I/O ports, and WIFI for connection.


Entry Level 4G Routers & IoT Gateways

LTE routers with Ethernet 10/100, RS232, and WIFI accommodates powerful enough CPU and memory for using and programming SW and IoT applications.


Robust 4G Routers & IoT Gateways

LTE routers with Ethernet 10/100, RS232/RS485, and WIFI host fast CPU and huge memory inside suitable for custom-tailored SW and IoT applications.


Flexible 4G Routers & IoT Gateways

The interface modular LTE cellular router line accommodates powerful enough CPU and memory suitable for custom-tailored SW and IoT applications.


Dual Module 4G Routers

Two LTE cellular modules inside one router concept provide advanced failover options and load balancing features for mission-critical applications.


EN 50155 Railway 4G Routers

Railway LTE cellular routers are designed and EN 50155 certified for operation in trains or trams. Robust transport solution with M12 connectors.


Wired LAN Routers

Not cellular LAN routers providing wired cable connection with firewall features for Ethernet 10/100, serial and WIFI devices, and networks.



Accessories and spare parts for all types of cellular routers. Expansion boards, DIN holders, cables, module connectors, and Ethernet connectors.


Power supplies

Advantech provides power solutions for industrial applications such as wall mount power supplies, power supplies for routers with PoE PSE functionality, power Cords ,power bricks and...


Entry Level 4G Routers

LTE family of cellular routers provides connecting of Ethernet 10/100 and WIFI devices and data transfer in fast LTE cellular networks.


High Speed 4G/5G Routers & Edge Computing Gateways

Ultra High-Speed 4G/5G (New Radio) routers and powerful Edge Computing Gateways focused on the global market.

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Gateways: By serving as a connection between devices and the cloud, our IoT Gateways make it possible to gather and analyse data in real time. Our adaptable gateways provide quick and secure connection, opening up new vistas of effectiveness and insight, from smart agriculture to industrial automation.

IoT Routers: Use our cutting-edge IoT Routers to confidently navigate the IoT world. Data flow between devices and central systems is optimized thanks to these sturdy devices' secure communication. Our routers protect your network from online attacks with built-in security measures.

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Our gateways and routers Noman are designed with high expertise and focus so that our customers feel no hassle in the operation!