Computer On Modules

Computer On Modules

Computer-On-Module, or COM, is a development board with computer processor, chipset, cooler, heat sink,, memory, ecc memory, secure boot, and peripherals designed into a component module. Advantech Computer-on-module series macth PIMCG and include: COM-HPC, COM-Express Basic, COM-Express Compact, COM-Express Mini, QSeven(Q7), Smarc, and ETX.

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A new module standard with next level CPUs, more memories, and next generation high-speed I/Os like PCIe Gen5 (32GT/s), USB4 (40Gbps), and 25GbE


COM Express Basic

COM Express Basic is euipped with the latest processor. It can provides not only high-speed interfaces like HDMI/DisplayPort, PCI Express, SATA and USB 3.0 for volume data...

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COM Express Compact

COM-Express Compact is compact module that includes Intel Core i ULT 9th Generation, Intel Atom processor, which the best solution for mobile applications.

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COM Express Mini

COM Express Mini Module is equipped with Entry processor in a board size of 84mm x 55mm and Intel Atom. It supports memory down and onboard storage for ruggedized...

SOM-2569_Front _B20190111141633


SMARC is a small form factor that connects to carrier board by golden finger. It supports low power and wide range computing performance in two module size (82x50mm/82x80mm); also...



In ultra-small form factor and Intel Atom, Qseven can deal with low power processors with on-board memory and storage. Qseven module transfers all the major signals and interface...



ETX / XTX CPU module eqiupped with Intel Atom has great I/O capacity and meets both ISA and PCI needs, while supporting the Computer On Module concept for plug-in CPU modules...


Development Board

Advantech Development boards provide a schematic software & reference design to reduce efforts needed in development stage. Advantech Development Board can be used to test...


Application Board

Advantech Application Board is application-oriented development board which provides a schematic reference to reduce design effort at the development stage.

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Evaluation Kit

Advantech X86 evaluation kits provide a complete set of COM, development board and peripheral, customers can do quick start for their system design.


ITM-3 Series

ITM-3, Industrial Thermal Module, supports COMe standard cooler & QFCS. By improving board heat dissipation, it enables superior computing performance