Digital Signage Players

Digital Signage Players

Advantech digital signage solutions provide comprehensive signage media players with content management software to enable various applications.

Product Categories

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Entry Level Digital Signage Solutions

Advantech's Entry Level Digital Signage Solutions are perfect fit for budget concerned customers with fanless and low power designs.

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Ultra Slim Digital Signage Solutions

Advantech Ultra Slim Digital Signage Media Players are industry’s slimmest digital signage player measured only 19 mm in profile in a small 18 x 19 cm footprint.


Modular Digital Signage Solutions

The Modular Digital Signage Solutions are certified with Intel® SDM and OPS which allow easy maintenance and upgrades and support up to 4K resolution.


Multi-Display Digital Signage Solutions

Advantech's Multi-Display Digital Signage Media Players support up to nine displays and high performance graphics up to 4K content.


Edge Visualization Servers

Advantech Edge Visualization Servers provide a secure and reliable on-site server that can be hosted and maintained locally.