Industrial Motherboards

Industrial Motherboards

Advantech industrial motherboard series, ranging from UTX motherboards, Mini-ITX motherboard and Micro ATX motherboard are ideal for customers who are used to using commercial off-the-shelf products but require expansion and industrial features such as longevity and reliability.

Product Categories


MicroATX Motherboards

With only 244 x 244 mm size, MicroATX (uATX) or mATX industrial motherboard is suited for space/cost sensitive applications where less than 4 slots are required. Equipped...


Mini-ITX Motherboards

Mini-ITX Industrial Motherboard is designed with rich functionality, solid performance in a small footprint, and low power consumption (less than 100 Watts). With only 25 mm...

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UTX Motherboard

Advantech UTX motherboards are the smallest industrial motherboard form factor which measure 116.8 X 111.8 mm. Equipped with max connectivity, low power consumption with...


Riser Cards

Advantech Riser Card are for motherboards with a PCI Express (PCIe) expansion slots, which can be integrated into the system to allow the additional cards in a horizontal position.


Semi-Industrial Motherboards

Semi-Industrial Motherboards