Managed Ethernet

Managed Ethernet

Red Lion offers a wide selection of managed industrial Ethernet switches. Managed Ethernet switches provide the ability to configure port settings, manage network performance and monitor your LAN for critical issues. Red Lion's managed industrial Ethernet switches are designed to operate flawlessly in harsh environments and offer best-in-class performance.

Product Categories


NT24K® Managed Ethernet Switches

Red Lion's N-Tron® series NT24k all-Gigabit managed industrial Ethernet switches are available in rackmount or DIN-rail mountable configurations. The NT24k platform offers a wide array of port configurations, media types and Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) models that include Fast Ethernet, Gigabit copper and fiber options. All NT24k switches are plug-and-play installable, featuring IGMP auto-configuration, media/port auto-detection and simple ring configuration, making the NT24k platform one of the easiest to deploy managed Ethernet switches in the industry.


700 Managed Ethernet Switches

For applications in extreme environments, check out Red Lion's N-Tron series 700 managed industrial Ethernet switches. Our 700 series support SNMP, web management, Fast Ethernet, and N-View™ which facilitate remote configuration and diagnostics. Housed in rugged DIN-rail mountable or waterproof IP67 enclosures, the 700 managed industrial Ethernet switches feature extended shock and vibration specifications, wide operating temperature ratings and best-in-class ring technology, providing 30ms healing times.


7000 Managed Ethernet Switches

Red Lion's N-Tron series 7000 managed industrial Ethernet switches provide Gigabit connectivity ideally suited for connecting Ethernet enabled industrial and security equipment. The 7000 Gigabit industrial Ethernet switches are well suited for use as a fiber optic ring manager or an aggregation switch. With SNMP, web management and N-View monitoring technology, remote diagnostics and monitoring are easy.


Advanced Layer 3 Switches

Red Lion's NT328G industrial Ethernet switches provide Layer 3 network management with enterprise-class features in rugged packaging. Featuring powerful security, built-in redundancy, data control and prioritization functionality, the NT328G advanced managed switches deliver superior performance and industry-leading, hardware-based routing for advanced support of multiservice networks.


SLX Managed Ethernet Switches

Red Lion's compact Sixnet® series SLX managed industrial Ethernet switches provide a combination of Gigabit and Fast Ethernet connectivity and are designed to meet the demands of extreme applications. The SLX managed industrial Ethernet switches are available with Ethernet and fiber options, provide Modbus monitoring, feature protected circuitry and tough metal DIN-rail mountable packaging to ensure rugged reliability.


NT4008 Managed Ethernet Switches

Red Lion's NT4008 8-port Gigabit Managed Industrial Ethernet switches are certified to meet PROFINET PNIO v2.34 conformance class B (CC-B), RT Class 1 standards to ensure seamless integration into PROFINET networks using standard PLC configuration and management tools.