Router Oman

Red Lion’s Sixnet® series RAM®-6021 industrial wired routers offer secure and reliable communication to remotely deployed assets. The rugged RAM-6021 routers are ideal for connecting to Modbus or DNP3 devices such as SCADA servers, PLCs and other automation equipment located in harsh environments.

RAM-6021 wired routers natively support Modbus and DNP3 protocols, and also include an I/O concentrator for local collection of sensor data. Available with five 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet ports and one RS-232 port, these industrial routers support AT commands and Serial-to-IP communications. 

Designed to deliver secure communications to remote locations, our RAM-6021 routers support robust security features such as VPN (client or server), Port Forwarding, Stateful Firewall, Packet Filtering, Data Encryption and an Access Control List (ACL).

Each RAM-6021 router can be managed locally or remotely utilizing a web interface or command line interface (CLI). Local management is easily established using Ethernet, serial or USB. Remote management can be accessed via SNMP, HTTPS and SSH protocols.

The RAM-6021M12 is housed in a rugged, dust proof and water resistant IP67-rated enclosure, making it ideal for harsh or dirty environments.