Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy refers to energy that is generated from resources which are all naturally replenished. To put this in perspective, about 18% of global energy consumption came from renewables in 2010. Today’s renewable energy solutions are focused in 4 areas: harnessing the power of the sun, the wind, moving water and plant materials. Advantech had successful cases in wind power, solar power transmission & distribution systems that installed in harsh environments with dust, vibration, heat and electrical noise.

Wind Power Transmission System

Wind power plants require a great number of information management systems and remote wind turbine monitoring systems. Wind power is often used in harsh environments with high day-night temperature difference and serious dust/sand storms. The rugged electronic-magnetic environment of the motor control system requires an industrial switch with excellent anti-electromagnetic-interference capability and long MTBF. In order to enhance communication reliability, the user has to set up a redundant ring with short failover time. When any error occurs in the communication network, the switch should smoothly switch to the redundant backup line. Fiber optic managed switch with wide temperature to construct a steady and reliable X-Ring networking topology to ensure uninterruptible data transmission.

Solar Power Transmission System

To try and harness this energy source, many countries have been investing in solar technologies for over 30 years. Today's solar power systems include reflectors, mirrors, heat insulating absorbers, motion control technology, and data transmission system. Advantech's industrial Programmable Device Servers are a perfect fit for data transmission system due to their user-programmable, low-power controller, and easy thermal management. The EKI-1122L uses an ARM7 RISC CPU which is a powerful computing engine for fulfilling data compression or protocol conversion requirements. The built-in 8 MB flash ROM and 16 MB SDRAM provide user enough storage to run their specific applications.